Q&A: Can you die from fibromyalgia?

Question by Wile_E_Coyote: Can you die from fibromyalgia?
Can someone tell me about fibromyalgia? Can a person die from it? My wife is 46 and suffers from it. She seems to be getting worse and worse. She is in pain all the time and can’t really do anything any more. What can we expect in the years ahead? Does anyone know of a cure?

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Answer by neurogoth
No it is neither fatal nor degenerative.
Fibromyalgia is also considered a syndrome, hence the diagnosis could eventually change based on the originating factors of the symptoms.
While it is chronic, the symptoms usually stabilize (though do not improve).
The cure depends on the originating factor, and it mainly focuses on curing the symptoms.

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  • sunflowers  says:

    I read that it often occurs with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and/or RLS (restless leg syndrome). My neighbor has it. I think it just causes a lot of pain and a lot of tiredness. They say that it is also related to not sleeping well and/or depression. I would think that the best thing you could do is to make sure she gets enough vitamins/minerals/proteins, etc….a balanced diet with maybe a multiple vitamin.

    I don’t think you can die from it, but the person might be so miserable that they wish to die…Maybe take her to see a rheumatologist doctor…

  • justmeinthisworld  says:

    i actaully have personal knowledge and have particiapted in reseacrh–I am not guessing or just regurgitating what an unreliable website says.

    Technically, no-it i snot fatal. There is a slightly increased risk of suicide-i tend to have accidents (falls) form the exhaustionand motor planning issues), there could be an accidental overdose of painmeds, I had a seizure from sedatives….so there can be a related complication–but that is still veyr rare.

    While it is said that it is not progressive—it does seem to get worse over time–my guess is that it is teh build up of symptoms-daily exhaustion that is never releived adds up-the pain can spread and get worse over time

    it RARELY stabilizes–the people that claim to have been cured probably NEVER had REAL fibromylagia to begin with–they had something else curable

    REAL fibro is a disorder of teh central nervous system.

    I have lived with it for 30 yeasr-since I was 5 years old–it got worse from 1978-2002–when i had the seizure it reversed the symtpms and they have slowly come back.

    Fibro is more than just a syndrome –it is a disorder of teh central nervous system-this is teh one and only cause of REAL FMS

  • craftgirl78  says:

    I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 8 years ago and then suffered a huge flare-up 3 years ago resulting in the loss of my job. I did extensive research into the syndrome and continue to keep up to date with it as much as I can.

    In answer to your question, no, you cannot die from fibromyalgia, so stop worrying about this! Some people with FMS develop a mitral valve condition, but this is generally only if there is a history or long family history of heart problems already.

    Some things your wife could do to help the pain and stiffness are:

    These are gentle stretching exercises and if done carefully and regularly they can hep to reduce the amount of pain and increase mobility. You can probably pick up a DVD tutorial quite cheap.

    Strangely enough this is quite beneficial as it helps to distract FMS sufferers from the pain and increase strength and mobility in hands, fingers and arms.

    I find this helpful because it distracts me from my pain. It aids concentration too.

    The second and third options have not been medically investigated or proven, but I am not alone in believing in their help.

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