What is the normal range for vitamin b12?

Question by Jenn: What is the normal range for vitamin b12?
My neurologist diagnosed me with vitamin b12 deficiency. My level was barely 100. She has me giving myself b12 injections for the rest of my life.

My question is I have been sick since November with mono and cmv. And my current doctor’s are looking into fibromyalgia, which I have all the symptoms for. But why would these other doctor’s who did bloodwork not notice the low vitamin b12.

Is a level of barely 100 really low??

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Answer by Jai
Depending on which unit of measure you’re talking about (it’s measured in pg/mL, pM, and pmol/L–from my quick glance around wikipedia), 100 is half or less of the bare minimum you should have.

There are several reasons why you may have had bloodwork that did not show a deficiency. One is that levels fluctuate. You may have gotten bloodwork directly after a large b12 intake that registered on the test as low normal levels. B12 may not have been screened in those particular workups. Lots of bloodwork doesn’t measure b12 specifically; your doctor has to ask for it specifically. With those other medical issues you had going on, it’s possible they weren’t really interested in vitamin levels–they were more interested in white blood count, etc. Or there’s also the possibility that you’ve got a sort of antibody interference.

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